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Here at MR PEPTIDES we take pride in making sure that each and every customer has a positive experience. Customers can order with confidence and peace-of-mind knowing that your money will never be wasted on a product that is sub-par. If you feel that the results of your research are insufficient, please contact us and we will make sure that the situation is remedied quickly and fairly.



We ship Monday through Friday. All orders are shipped USPS Priority.  All orders placed before 1:00pm EST for in stock items will be shipped the same day!  All catalog peptides are shipped cold to ensure the highest quality and integrity to ensure you research.

All orders placed after 1:00pm EST on business days will ship on the next business day.  Shipments will not be processed on national holidays to minimize the time that the package sits with the Postal Service. 

Once you have the tracking number please allow time for it to enter the USPS system to update.

All USA / International orders will not require signature confirmation to receive package.

We strive to uphold the highest levels of quality customer service. It is our ultimate goal at MR PEPTIDES LLC to create life-long customers and we will do everything in our power to ensure that your experience with us is one that makes you want to shop with us again and again.



We do not ship to APO/FPO addresses.



Shipments to PO Boxes require the street address of the PO Box.



You are responsible to know the import regulations for your country. Please research all peptides to ensure that they are legal for importation PRIOR to ordering. Once the order has left our premises we cannot be held responsible for customs delays. Most countries will have no trouble but we post this disclaimer in the off chance that there is an issue.

If, by chance, the order is returned to us and you wish to have a refund then we will do so only after we have received the goods back. The refund will be calculated as Total cost less shipping and a 15% restocking fee for a total of an 85% refund not including shipping.

We provide tracking information for all orders so please be diligent and keep track of your orders’ progress through the mail system.

We do not have a reship policy. Most countries including the USA have no problem with peptides/research materials as long as they are properly declared (which we do). We DO assume that all clients are aware of their own countries’ laws and therefore you are responsible for dealing with your countries’ customs.

Please know your own import regulations before ordering. It is your responsibility. If customs doesn’t return the products to us we cannot issue the 85% refund to you.

If your order is denied entry into your country, we strongly advise attempting to have the items sent back to us and we will refund your order less shipping and a 15% restocking fee.



We will accept returns if it is due to damage that is our fault or manufacturer defects within 30 days of original purchase. The items that we sell are peptides and, as such, could degrade if improperly handled. As a result, we are unable to resell products once they have left our warehouse.

MR PEPTIDES, due to their fragile nature and us being unable to monitor how they were handled when they were out of our care, could possibly degrade. We prefer not to accept returns of peptides due to this fact. Although we will listen to all cases should the need arise. Please CONTACT US to discuss this.

If you are missing an item or the item that you receive is damaged, then please contact us and we will send out a replacement free of any shipping costs to you.  You must notify us within 30 days of original purchase.

If a refund is deemed necessary, then we will manually refund your transaction or the appropriate amount for the returned items. Chargebacks will not be taken lightly and will subject the client to being put on the no-sell list. Refunds will only be issued after the items have been returned to us. Please always contact us first because most issues can be resolved very easily.

If your order has not yet been shipped and you wish to cancel your order, then please email us at service@mrpeptides.com and we will do our utmost to accommodate you. We cannot promise that we can intercept a package once it has already been processed.

All Items are shipped safely and in a manner that ensures safe arrival. If for any reason this is not the case, then please email us and we will work with you. Each case is handled individually.

If a product is missing from your order, then please contact us and once we verify the legitimacy of the claim then we will send the missing item to you. All orders are documented and are photographed prior to shipping to avoid any fraudulent claims.