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1)      How can I contact your company?

We have made available every possible means of contact available to our customers. Visit our CONTACT US page for all of our information. In fact, you don’t even need a reason to call. We love hearing from our clients.


2)      What are your support hours?

Phone support is available Monday – Friday from 10A.M. until 4 P.M

Email and ticket support is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. On occasion we may work outside of these hours as time permits. We will answer all support tickets in 18 hours or less, usually much less!


3)      What is the proper use of peptides and chemicals?

If you are asking this question then you should not be purchasing from our company. These products can be dangerous if not handled by professionals with specific training and background.


4)      Can I ingest your products or use them cosmetically?

Another question a qualified researcher would not ask. None of the chemicals or peptides that we sell are manufactured, sold or labeled for any clinical, cosmetic or diagnostic purpose. If we suspect that a client has intentions of misuse or is not qualified to handle such items we will deny the order and refund any monies paid to us. The client will be blacklisted and will not have the ability to place any future orders with us.


5)      Do you sell any type of solvents such as bacteriostatic water or acetic acid?

At this time we do not carry solvents of any kind. An internet search will yield many other companies who are retailers of these items.




1)      When will my package be shipped?

All orders placed before 1pm EST Monday – Friday will receive same day shipping.

Orders placed after 1PM est will be shipped on the following business day.


2)      Will I be given tracking information to track my order?

Orders within the USA are shipped using a flat rate service. A tracking number is provided yet USPS does not guarantee up to date tracking information. We do ship with delivery confirmation however and this is a guaranteed service.


3)      Do you guarantee delivery?

Orders shipped to the domestic 48 states are guaranteed. International orders are governed by our shipping and returns policy.


4)      What shipping methods do you offer?

For our domestic clients we ship USPS priority mail. 


5)      How long after shipment will I receive my order?

In the domestic 48 states most orders arrive in 2 business days. International orders vary in arrival times from 3 to 14 business days.  Once the order has left our facility we have no control over the delivery timeframes.


6)      What is the cost of shipping?

 Within the continental United States all orders under $99 are a flat $7. 

 International orders vary in cost according to the destination and method of shipping chosen.


7)      Can I place an order to be shipped to an address different than that listed with my credit card?

You may have your order delivered to any address you wish. We do screen all orders for fraud and you may be asked to provide proof that the credit card you used is in fact legitimate.

8)      Where is the fulfillment center located that will ship my order?

Orders are shipped through our processing center located in South Florida.


9)      Customs returned my international order to your company. What should I do?

Customs returns fall into our shipping and returns policy. The options available to you are as follows – On the first returned package we offer you the option of taking an 85% refund on your order (15% re-stocking fee) or we will reship the order once for free. If however your package is rejected once again you are responsible for the costs sustained within. If the package is returned to our shipping center we will refund 50% of the order total (after a second time returned).


If your package is not returned to us by customs then we ask you to please contact your local customs office and let us know why it didn’t pass through. Our team will then work with you and customs to try and get it released for you. The loss however, if there is one, lies with you.


10)   Will you ship my order without labels?

Properly labelled products with compliant warnings are required. In specific cases exceptions can be made however we will need a more stringent screening and identity process along with a hard copy signed terms and conditions on file.


11)   I made a mistake on my shipping information. How can this be fixed?


If you catch the mistake prior to the order being shipped you can just call our toll free number and one of our representatives will make the change for you. If the order has shipped already then please call the post office associated with the delivery address and they can normally hold your package for pick-up.


12)   How is my order declared for international customs clearance?

The items are declared as chain-modified poly peptides and chemicals not derived from living organisms. We include all necessary paperwork in your box which 90% of the time is sufficient for a customs clearance. We can not declare the items as a gift etc…


13)   Will you put a value lower than the actual value to save on tariffs?

The shipping agencies require an accurate value based upon the replacement cost. While we always use a conservative valuation we will not blatantly list a value far below the actual value.


14)   Is a signature required upon delivery?

Orders in the domestic 48 states are shipped USPS priority and do not require a signature.


15)   Do you ship internationally?

Yes we ship to all countries with the exception of United Kingdom and Australia.


Account – FAQ


1)      What should I do if I forgot my password?

On the login page there is a link which says “Forgot Password” Click that and the system will send you an email allowing you to reset the password.


2)      Where can I view my orders and their statuses?

In the members area click the link which says orders. Once there you should see a list of your past orders as well as their tracking information and up to date statuses.


3)      Why has my account been added to the no-sell list? Is there anything I can do to resolve this?

Clients are Added to the Blacklist due to one or more violations of our terms of service. Please fully familiarize yourself with the proper uses of the products that we sell BEFORE you place an order or contact support. 2 minutes of research usually avoids this happening altogether.